SSI Survey Builder

Survey Builder is an easy-to-use and powerful insights tool that enables customers to execute their own online or mobile surveys for free. Whether you’re an expert researcher or new to survey writing, Survey Builder is flexible and simple enough to support any of your research needs. Its user-friendly modules guide you through the process of building your survey, promoting to your target audience, and analyzing your results. Key features include:

  • Free unlimited surveys, questions, and responses 
  • 8+ question types, including image and video upload
  • Optimized for both mobile and PC user experiences 
  • Purchase respondents from SSI’s global audience or send to your own 
  • Custom reports and response filtering 


Survey Builder’s intelligent Report & Analyze feature makes data evaluation quick, easy, and painless. All survey responses are automatically compiled and summarized saving valuable time and resources. Access your survey results in real time, create customized re­­ports, and easily share data with colleagues or stakeholders.



A powerful component of Survey Builder is that it gives you the ability to purchase respondents from SSI’s online and mobile audiences to connect your survey with your target customers no matter the project. If you already have your own audience, it’s easy to promote your survey by email, social network or even embedding it on your website. Click here to see how one customer leverages Survey Builder and SSI’s sample audiences to gain important customer insights that guide their marketing efforts.

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